Honeywell Smart Thermostat - Wired

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    • Simple touch-screen interface. The T6 touch-screen makes scheduling, changing and overriding temperatures easy with a large, clear display and intuitive on-screen text guidance.
    • The Honeywell Home app gives you complete control over your home heating wherever you are, including schedules and automated synchronisation with the thermostat.
    • Using the location features on your smartphone, the T6 communicates with the Honeywell Home app to determine when your home is vacant or when you are on your way home adjusting the temperature automatically.
    • Scheduling to suit you. The T6 features a choice of schedule settings to fit your lifestyle, including 7 day, 5/2 day and single day scheduling with up to 6 different time settings per day.
    • Apple Homekit ready. The T6 is home kit enabled meaning it can be controlled using an Apple device (requires iOS 8.1 or later), as part of a suite of home kit compatible products.
    • The T6 also works with Google Home and IFTTT



    Customer Reviews

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    Worth it

    Easy to setup. Replaced with old Honeywell thermostat

    Daniel Matthews
    Works with both Alexa and Apple Homekit at the same time

    Works perfectly with Alexa and Apple Homekit. I was worried you'd only be able to use one or the other but we use both very easily.We previously had a Honeywell CR927 connected to our combi boiler and did the installation ourselves. It was easy to DIY install, as simple as removing a few screws, swapping wires, then tightening back up.

    A great controller.

    This is a great product. Turned my old boiler into a smart thermostat driven system I can control remotely. The only poor area is the lack of MI that comes with the App. There really isn’t any. Other controllers are better at that element but the controller itself is fantastic. There are some technical considerations when it comes to whether you want to install it using the simple method (acting as a switch to simply turn the power to the boiler off and on to control it versus wiring it to stop the burner but allowing the pump to continue to circulate). We started off with the more complex wiring method and then opted to change to the simple wiring as the pump ran 24 hours a day). I think if you have an existing thermostat installed it’s probably pretty easy to install this yourself but if you don’t have an existing thermostat or you are not confident with wiring - get an electrician to install it. Once installed it’s a terrific controller. Be careful to choose the right model if you want to control hot water also.

    Great unit, does everything I want

    Purchased and installed this product to give me and my family a modern and greater control, mainly over our heating system, but water heating schedule too. The wifi thermostat totally replaces our old thermostat and improves the heating schedules massively with the ability to control and modify almost infinitely throughout the day and night, with daily events, 5/2 events, independent events, not only from the unit but from our smartphones, Google assistant and also using ifttt triggers, ie if the temperature drops below -3 outside or snows etc, it can automatically increase the temperature in the house by 2 degrees.Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with the product, interface, looks, it's flexibility and it's performance.Wiring up was fun, but complicated solely by the fact my house was extended and the cabling to various devices changed colour and was unmarked, I would recommend a professional installer is used unless you have experience and confidence to install yourself as the wiring centre can be very daunting unless you know what all the wires from the boiler, immersion stat, room stat, and 3 way valves are, or you have the ability to identify these via wiring diagrams and testing.

    Mr. Jm Newbold
    Great product,

    It took me an hour to install. Mainly because I have no experience & the instructions were terrible. I went with this model because I had an existing Honeywell device and thought the change over would be simple.The wifi took some time to sort out and had to configure manually. By following a video on YouTube “in german” but I followed it step by step.It works very well!