2000Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    • Powerful Cleaning: Equipped with a 2000Pa strong vacuum and dual side brushes, a three-point support cleaning system efficiently picks up dust, pet hair. Packaged with 4 side brushes for your replacement
    • Smart Control: Built-in WiFi connector, works with the special App, directly control the cleaning mode on your phone. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, following your voice to finish its duty
    • 150mins Runtime & Self-Charing: 3200mAh high capacity battery could run up to 150mins, fully meet most people's cleaning requirement, once the power is low, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the charging base
    • 2.85in Slim Body: Anti-scratch glass-top cover and 2.85in Slim body allows it easily go to the hidden area under sofa or bed, 3 cleaning modes for your choice, thoroughly cleaning every corner

    Customer Reviews

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    S Leo
    Powerful little machine

    Works well with Kyvol home, and been trying to command using voice - the responses were great.Also loving the long battery life and powerful suction.Also the filter is an additional plus, as I don’t normally see one on other brands.Would recommend and will also try the next model with mopping function in the near future.

    Clever little robot that outperforms my Dyson!

    I was initially sceptical about these robotic vacuums, but decided to give it a shot and I'm very pleased I did.It comes very easy to set up. Download the app and connect it to your WiFi, then you're ready to go.Assembly consists of clicking some brushes into place, which takes seconds.A remote control means you don't need to use the app, and you can control it directly with the remote control.There are a few nifty settings you can use, such as Spot Cleaning, (if you've had a spill) which will circle round a certain area and get any spills or messes quickly cleaned. The other setting I really love is the Edge Cleaner, which sets the vacuum into a mode which gets close up to the edges of walls, doors and furniture, using the replaceable side brushes into every grove and corner.There are 3 suction powers you can manually set. The highest suction power gets out dust and fluff that my Dyson V11 can't get to!Not only that, but you can set it up with schedules so that you don't even have to think about it. The robot will come online, vacuum the floors and put itself back to charge at the end of the schedule.The one thing I can't quite work out is how it manages to find its charging dock.There are so many clever technologies inbuilt, such as the depressing bumper which tells the vacuum if it's banging into something and to change course. There's magnetic 3M strips which you can lay down on the floor which will tell the vacuum not to cross that threshold. There are adjustable wheels which can climb small groves etc - but I cannot work out how it manages to find it's charging station!In any case: It's a fantastic product, with deep cleaning ability. And you can set it up to vacuum without another thought.I am convinced that this is the future.

    Worth buying!

    I have used it for more than a week now. This is a must have and an awesome product. It cleans my living room which is wooden flooring as well as my bedroom which has carpet . This robot vacuum cleaner definitely makes life easier in terms of cleanliness in the house. It does really nice cleaning and can be controlled with the phone using WiFi . It goes to the charging point itself when the battery of the cleaner is low so no hassle of carrying it to the charging point. The battery life is another plus point of this product.I’m really happy with this buy. I definitely recommend this product!

    Best investment ever

    I can't believe I have been without a robot vacuum cleaner until now.This little thing is awesome.I love everything that can make my day to day easier and, definitely, this robot does that.I can do anything else while the house is getting hoovered.All I need to do is either set up the hoover to start in a schedule time or just press the button "play".My cats were a little scared of it at the beginning, then they tried to play with the brushes at the front and now they aren't bothered at all about it. They were very afraid of my Henry hoover.It is very easy to empty and keep clean and comes with another pair of brushes, spare filter and a tool to cut any long hair that could get attached to the main brush.Absolutely brilliant.100% recommended

    Salman Rajput
    Robotic Maid

    I was looking to buy something under my range, there are many expensice robot Vaccume cleaners available, after careful consideration I choose Cybovac as it contains all the feature and specigications which expensive brands has and I am happy with my choice after using it.I become very lazy after doinv 9 to 5 job, at the same time I want to keep my room neat and clean. This machine is doing its job perfectly, it takes only 20 to 25 minutes to clean my room, my room is average UK room size, it cleans all my tgree room in One charge, though it takes a good enough time to get recharged but thats not a problem as it goes itself to dock when it is low on charge, amazing featutre, I love it.There are 3 suction powers mode you can choose according to your need and of course it vary the consumption of charging.You can use it on hard surface and on carpet alike, it climbs on my carpet itself from hard wooden surface to soft carpet surface itself without any problem.It has come up with magnetic strips you can use it block its access for certain area, it has been designed intelligently keeping all minute details in mind, for example it detects itself any height and do not fall down.Overall I am very happy with my choice, suction power is strong enough it keeps clear all the hair of our cat, you can control the machine through Kyvol App, we are enjoying this smart device minimising our housework it is actually our robotic maid.