1600Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    • Connected via APP and Alexa: An improved robot vacuum cleaner that can be used with Alexa. The vacuum cleaner can be remotely controlled or programmed using a smartphone and remote control. Alexa voice commands or Google Assistant connected available.
    • Powerful Robot with Adjustable Suction: 2 options super suction power. The max 1600Pa vacuum mode allows it to deeply clean floors, low-pile carpets, and dust or pet hair on carpets. You can also manually select and use different water volumes through the APP (the water tank is not included).
    • 6.9 cm Ultra-thin Design: thinner than most others. The ultra-thin design allows it to easily dive under furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas such as sofas or beds. You no longer need to worry about it getting stuck under the furniture.
    • Unique 4 + 2 Cleaning Mode: In addition to the 4 basic cleaning modes provided on the market, we also added 2 other cleaning modes. Maximum suction mode for deep cleaning. The programmable cleaning mode can be used for any required schedule, which can help you start cleaning at any time. The boundary zone ensures that the robot only cleans the required area.
    • Long-lasting, Quiet Cleaning: up to 100 minutes of cleaning while maintaining quiet operation. Multi-functional precision sensor with drop protection and anti-collision functions. Automatically charge when the battery is low. We provide a one-year warranty and sell accessories separately.