Keyless Smart Door Lock - Chrome

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    • KEYLESS - gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.
    • EASY ACCESS Pin code, key card, key tag, remote fob and Smartphone app (when connected to a compatible Smart home system).
    • SECURITY AS STANDARD - Built in tamper alarm, bank level encryption and incorrect pin code features.
    • EASY FIT - suitable for wooden doors with a 60mm nightlatch. (Nightlatch not included).
    • BATTERY OPERATED - 4x AA batteries Included and an alert is given when the batteries are running low.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Yes, this is good!

    We got this for the inside door as we couldn't decide if we liked the idea of having it as an external lock. Really like this. The tag set up and code setup is way easier than Yale's L1 which has given us issues with multiple tags / cards. With the remote unlocking feature you can have a dual remote entry system with the L1 as a front lock so you have 2 layers of security you can open without having to go to the door. Brilliant.

    The Bodger
    Great alternative to keys

    Great product resolved issue of teenager loosing keys. Addition of zwave module enabled incorporation into Samsung smartthings hub. Insurance company confirmed no premium increase moving from old key lock

    Martin Camble
    Good quality and flexible usage but be aware you may additional components.

    Looks and feels like a quality product compared to many of it's rivals. Unless you have a Yale security system (in which case you need the Yale module), you will need a Z-Wave module and a smart hub such as the Samsung Smart Things hub to fully utilize the lock. You can use the lock without either, but it's quite expensive to buy and you wont get half the advantages. With the module and hub the lock is extremely versatile and has a variety of opening methods including remotely from your phone.

    Grea Value, brings the "Yale" night latch type lock bang up to date

    I bought and fitted the excellent Yale Conexis L1 for my own EuroCylinder lock and for my dad's birthday I bough him this version for his conventional Yale type door lock.It's easy to fit yourself, works superbly and has the back-up of a six-digit PIN number as well as the easily obtainable tags, stickers or cards.Worth remembering:- A Yale tag can be programmed against multiple locks - I have one for my house and my dad's house- The PIN number feature locks out after 3 bad attempts, then you need to use the tag- It's ideal for elderly people who find turning a key too stiff, the large handle makes life very easy- You can connect the lock to a smart home system for remote opening- This is a "night latch" Yale type lock - not a dead lock nor is it a 7-Lever "Chubb" type lock often additionally required by insurance companies, the L1 EURO Cylinder version is much more secure when mated to a modern multi-point locking door, but needs a suitable door.100% recommended.

    Claire Potts
    Buying one of these was the best decision I made.

    We have a summer house our four children have used since they were 4. Used this lock for some solid security the children could use.Fed up with replacing padlocks that were lost or forgotten to use we decided to give one of these a go.Very easy to install and set up (I recommend setting it up before you install it). The kids just walk up to it, cover it over with their hand activating the keypad, type in a 4 digit code and they’re in. It runs off of 4 AA batteries which last about a year with daily use. This one (keypad) tells you that the batteries are low, but if they die before you change them it stays locked so your room is still secure, BUT you can give it instant power by touching a 9v battery to the base of the external lock and open it with your code as you usually would and then replace the batteries which are in a small box on the inside face of the door. Batteries are really easy to access (no screwdriver required) and couldn’t be easier to swap out.This lock is outside and exposed to the elements rain and freezing temperatures you’d expect in a U.K. garden, I had the last one for over 10 years and it then went wrong, it didn’t recognise either the access code or the master code, tried a a reset override and that failed to so replaced it with this one (nearly exactly the same but with a handful of additional features). I couldn’t get this one to work with a mobile phone but it comes with a fob and a card that you can use to open it as well as the usual 4digit pin which you can set. (Pin is really easy to change and you can set up a temporary second pin which I used when my daughter had a sleepover, all her friends could use a simple 1234 for the day which I then removed.Though the old one seemed to go wrong after 10 years of solid daily use is wasn’t corroded in any way and looked almost as new as this one when I took it out of the box. The old one hadn’t rusted, picked up any scratches or any wear marks at all on either the body or the glass face/keypad. And the 4 digit code has been the same for ten years being used and abused by my four heavy handed children. Can’t recommend this lock enough. It has loads of other features and connects with cctv as I understand it, but I’ve not used those features so can’t comment.