Smart Alarm System with 6 Door Sensors

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    • IOS / Android APP remote control and works with Alexa: This alarm security system kit: no contract and no hidden costs. When an intruder opens the door and window to enter the room, the alarm system immediately sends a alarm to deter the intruder. At the same time, it transmits the information to the mobile app. WIFI connection is only applicable to 2.4GHz network, 5GHz network is not supported. Through ALEXA voice control, AS100 can be armed et disarmed.
    • Editable door sensor name & display door sensor status: This wireless alarm system can name each door sensor for us to manage conveniently each room, especially when you have a lot of door sensors, you can clearly see which room door is opened by the door sensor name when the alarm is triggered. The door sensor detector can watch the real-time status on the mobile phone APP, check the status of each door, open or close.
    • Check the door sensor power & work with other smart devices: This home security system can check the door sensor power on the mobile phone APP, and set "Open door Alert", "Close door Alert", "door opening detection" etc. AS100 security system has a gateway function, you can use it in conjunction with other Tuya smart devices (for example, it can be linked to the Tuya smart switch panel, and the light will turn on when the door sensor is separated)
    • Support 6 kinds of defense zone modes & wireless doorbell function: This home alarm system, supports 6 modes, namely "DISARM effective", "ARM effective", "Home ARM effective", "24H effective", "Delay ARM effective", "ARM/Home effective", the user can set the sensor attributes such as door sensor 1 set ARM effective, door sensor 2 set home ARM effective... Built-in doorbell Ding Dong, with 17 sections of eight-chord music to switch in.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Andy Wong
    Hight quality.

    Easy to use and assemble. Every thing can control via your phone. Comfortable and modern. Your home very safe with it.

    Richard S Oakes
    Great and Easy to Set Up

    This product is great, it was very easy to set up and the instructions were perfectly clear and straight forward.Would definitely recommend.

    Great ,easy to fit system.

    This system is very easy to install and gives you confidence that is protecting your property correctly. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    CD DG Medical
    Great for a caravan

    I brought this for my caravan; it's excellent! It provides me with some reassurance that if anything happens, there is a deterrent.

    Quality alarm system at very reasonable price

    Using system at home, only took about 1 hour to fully install. Data available is very good with numerous options. All 6 door / window sensors are easily fixed and setup due to indicator lights. No comment on battery life fitted 3 days ago.