8-Piece Smart Alarm System

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    • AGSHome SMART ALARM: A smart way to protect your house with AGSHome Wireless Home Security Alarm System. No contracts or SUBSCRIPTION FEE. 8-piece kit includes the 1 alarm siren station, 5 windows door sensors, and 2 remote controls. The distance between the sensor and magnet had to be less than 1 CM
    • SIREN & APP NOTIFICATION: 120-decibel alarm siren helps deter intruders. Check-in from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts and notifications when your alarm is triggered through your smartphone.
    • COMPLETE ALARM CONTROL: Arm and disarm the AGSHome alarm remotely through the Smart Life APP, Key Fob, or Voice Control (Work with Alexa, Google Home, or Siri shortcut).
    • EXPANDABLE SYSTEM: Design the perfect security system to suit your home. Add extra door and window sensors, motion sensors, keypads, water leak sensors, doorbell, etc. Supports expansion of up to 20 sensors and 5 key fobs or keypad controls to customize your alarm system.
    • EASY SETUP & NETWORK: Pre-linked wireless accessories make installation fast and simple. Wi-Fi connection, Only works on 2.4GHz networks, does NOT support 5GHz networks.



    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent and at a fab price

    After external cameras picked up an individual taking pictures through my window I realised I needed an alarm system for extra peace of mind;one that my pets wouldn’t set off, has an app with notifications, was available quickly and something I could install myself.This alarm system fits the criteria and is super affordable.Within an hour I had all of the sensors paired with the hub and in place on their respective windows and doors, including outbuildings.The alarm is loud and is very responsive, the siren activates immediately when a window/door is opened, followed by a notification on my phone from the app.The fobs supplied are great, also very responsive and the app alerts you as to which fob has armed/disarmed the system.If you don’t want to use the fobs to arm/disarm, then the app handles this too.Whilst out one evening, my phone started alerting me to the front door being opened, thankfully it was my partner who had forgotten to disarm the system.Highly recommend this system for peace of mind at all times.

    The OP
    Alarm system without the expensive install costs

    I've always liked the idea of an alarm system, however, install costs have always seemed prohibitive to me, but surely there was now a solution out there that could allow me to do it myself.And here we are, it feels like a basic system but it does everything i need to feel a lot more secure at home, we already have cameras with motion detection on that tells us who is there and when, however we wanted a little more security specifically at night if anyone was to come in through one of the doors or windows downstairs or the window over the flat roof. This setup allows me to simply stick a bunch of the sensors over the doors and windows, they connect themselves to the base and let me know if they are opened at any point during the night. We've also set it up so that it turns on our smart lights in the bedroom and starts playing music downstairs, due to the fact that it's smart we were able to sync this through IFTTT. We've also added one onto the garage door where we originally were worried it wouldn't reach but shouldn't have been as it seems to do the job just fine...just beware when you test it, it can be very loud!

    mandy s.
    Great for the price

    ordered another 6 to cover my whole house, great product, very loud. Works with Alexa

    Great for the price

    Extremely easy to fit and operate. The main hub is a wifi connection and the siren in the same time, it has the battery as well so it will go off even in the power cut situation. Generally I have it fitted to all my downstairs doors and if triggered the alarm will go off and my phone will notify me as well, phone notifications working remotely as well so all good stuff. Great for the price

    Great, simple setup

    I’m very happy with this system. It’s very quick and easy to setup. Sensors are attached to doors and windows with a sticker piece.The alarm is loud and notifications are received in the phone. I’ve set it up to automatically switch the alarm on in the evening and turn off in the mornings.