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    • Removes 99.97% of Particles: Consists of H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and nylon pre-filter. The improved 3 in 1 filter system removes 99.97% of pollen, dust, allergy particles. Help to release allergy, asthma, COPD symptom
    • Larger Effective Purification: This air purifier CADR is 170 m3/h, cleaning your air 2 times per hour in room up to 35 m2. With Vortexair Technology, compact frame, and 360 design, our air filter rapidly purify the air in your bedroom, living room, and office
    • Alexa & APP Timer Control: The first time you can set a 0-24h timer and choose 3 speeds by your voice or smartphone. You can also set a Schedule, control Fan Speeds, Baby Lock, Sleep Mode. Lying in your bed, having an easier control by VeSync APP, breathe a fresher air
    • Bluetooth & WIFI Dual Connection: Usually smart devices only use WIFI for stable connecting. This time with Bluetooth & WIFI dual connection, you can have a faster and easier connect experience. No more waiting time for fresh air
    • Undisturbed Sleep: With Levoit's patented QuietKEAP Technology, the noise level is 24dB in Sleep Mode. This air purifier cleans your air without disturbing you at night. For a completely undisturbed sleep, one-touch the Light Off button to turn off display lights
    • 100% Ozone Free: Levoit never uses UV-C Light and Anion to purify the air which may produce harmful ozone to the human body. Anion only settles particles not filter them from the air. The particles are still in your room. So we choose HEPA Technology, for a better breathing air

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Buy it! you won't regret.

    My eight dogs have their own room where they all sleep at night. Keeping the dander and hair down takes consistent cleaning. Between this purifier and my robo vacuum my day has been saved. I have only had it one day. It took the smell out in 30-45 minutes. This was even before they all had their weekly baths which was due yesterday. I am amazed. I will be checking the filter today. But even before checking the filter I know I want another for my bedroom. I would like to ad a buyer beware. Care not to start it without taking the plastic of the filter. I am glad I opened it up to see what it looked like before I started it.

    Good Purifier/Not for wildfire smoke or allergies

    Thought this filter covered both those things since it was more powerful than the 300; Rep said the 300 would be more specific for our needs in CA by purchasing the specific filters for allergies & wildfire smoke; I noticed my and my cat's allergies improved after switching filters, so rep was correct; They are all great purifiers; haven't tested on wildfire smoke (I don't want any more smoke, like ever . . .) so maybe there won't be any wildfires this year. (I can dream); quiet & powerful unit; fairly priced, fast shipping. I love Smile; return/refund was so easy, then I repurchased the 300 and specific filters.

    R M Murphy
    WOW! Cough minimized by 90% after 1 night!

    I have allergies...and this year has been the worst for them....felt I had to do something to lessen the affects...mainly sneezing, runny nose and cough because of irritated throat and bronchials.., especially now, it's important to build resistance!!! I AM THRILLED with this air purifier!!!!.

    Best one I have bought thus far

    In our kitchen we have no stove vent and no ceiling fans. Cooking creates smoke sometimes and sets off our Smoke detector. This has helped a lot. Make sure to read the instructions, remove the filter plastic and your good to go.I love being able to cut it on and off from the ease of my phone.Buying another for the bedroom shortly.

    Love it love it love it!

    I have to say..... I am not very quick in buying things, I review and I review, but I have to say I bought one of these units, and now I have three. They are wonderful, they collect so much hair from the room, in the filter and on the of the machine. have several animals and was looking for a unit that would help with hair control. I found it. I can scoop hair off the outside of the machine and also the dander and dirt that collects in the filter is truly amazing. I even found little gnats that were also in this machine. I never thought the small unit would be that powerful. Love it love it love it. I have three I think I will soon have four. It filters the air beautifully. The noise level is very soft , it is not an overpowering noise. I truly love this air purifier.