3-in-1 Smart Air Purifier

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    • UPDATED TRUE HEPA FILTER AIR PURIFIER 3-in-1 HEPA filter air purifier captures 99.97% of harmful air pollutants, smoke, pollen, mold, dust mites, TVOC and other air allergies and the residues after decoration. Effective area 360 sq. ft.
    • SMART AIR QUALITY SENSOR Monitor your AQI (air quality index) from anywhere with your smartphone. With a cutting edge smart sensor, the air purifier can automatically adjust between 3 fan speed settings in response to real-time air quality readings.
    • NIGHT DECORATION MOOD LIGHTING A variety of solid colors make your space more vibrant. The build-in premium RGB LEDmood light on H06 air purifier to display vivid lighting and give off a great new vibe for living room, bedroom.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Functional and powerful

    A really good product! Very functional and useful as it connects to Alexa! Has worked wonders for my allergies!

    Kishan Patel
    Works well with the SmartLife App

    Just got it today and setup was pretty painless, had the whole thing configured and good to go in under 5mins.I set up some start and stop schedules so we don't have to touch it. (the main reason I got it was for the smart stuff)

    Jon Barry
    Nice little unit

    Liking this so far.I run mine on a schedule, which it does well.I can't honestly tell if this is improving the airnor not, however, I have not noticed any reaction to pollen yet, so maybe.I can see a bit of info in the SmartLife app, as shown above.I had hoped to integrate this with other things, like a separate air quality sensor, so when it found bad air this would kick on.I feel this is down to the sensor, and not the purifier.There are times the info can't be seem as there is toouch text, but honestly, I don't look at the info much now, and just reply on the glow ring. Of it is anything other than blue, I dice into my AirThinfs Wave Mini to get the details.I hope this helps, and remember, a schedule will also make the filter last longer., So if your air seems great, you can reduce the hours it runs. I also use Breezometer, so I get info on outside air quality too. If it is bad locally, I can always switch on the purifier manually to keep the air good inside.Btw, air flow is kept to auto, soost of the time it seems to.ne on low, or the lowest setting.

    Michele Robertson
    So far - so good.

    So far so good. Easy set up and links to Alexa well. Really quiet on low setting. Nice to be able to dim the air quality light for during the night. Nice addition of perks for registering the product with the manufacturer.

    DJ Enforcer
    Great product

    Great product very happy works great would recommend